The Grand Priory of Spain thoroughly accomplished the target that was established for the first edition of 'Recolecta'. The campaign begun during the last month of August and consisted of gathering school materials and donations for a public school (CEIPSO Miguel de Cervantes, located at the south side of Madrid) for children who are suffering from  the disadvantages of impoverished families due to the economic crisis. The school's director traveled to the Grand Chancery Office and picked up seventeen boxes full of school materials and four second hand computers that were donated by one of the Order's collaborators. 

 Most of the school materials were purchased by using donations from members and collaborators. The material was bought under the school's indications and strict needs.


The school's director expressed his deepest gratitude towards the Order and the Grand Priory of Spain. He also stated that, due to these donations, the school board will be able to decrease and even eliminate (in most extreme cases) the fees that each scholar normally has to pay to obtain these school materials. A  purchase that most families aren't able to pay due to their economic situation.  Beside the delivered school materials, the Grand Priory of Spain also handed the director an important amount of money which will be destinated for excursions and leisure activities for the 200 students in the school. 


Cons. Patricia Pedrazas Freeman, MLJ



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