Equal Partners Foundation

Equal Partners Foundation is a parent-run, non profit organisation providing individualised support programmes to children and adults with disabilities and/or learning difficulties.


Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU)

The Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) is a national non-profit making voluntary organization, which is set up primarily to provide emergency rescue services as a backup to the constituted authorities in case of national catastrophes. Funds were raised towards purchase of a First response vehicle. EFRU also provide first aid courses to the public. Hospitaller Chev. J. Debono and Secretary of the Order of Charity Chev J Galea were instrumental in the National recognition and Accreditation of this course.


Missionary Movement "Jesus in thy neighbour"

The Grand Priory raised money for a fundraising challenge that involved climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain by a group of Maltese volunteers. This missionary movement is mainly involved with orphanages in underdeveloped countries in Africa.


Arka Foundation

The Arka Foundation is a voluntary, non-profit making and non-governmental organization that promotes the welfare of people with special needs and of their families in Gozo. Its flagship is a respite centre for the patients. The Grand Priory organised an Art exhibition and auction in the Palazzo Ferrerria under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Care and Family who recommended the charity. The funds raised in this event were donated to the Arka Foundation.


Franciscan Friars Mission

Franciscan Friars were helped with the purchase of a 4 wheel drive vehicle for use in their missionary travels.


Ladybird Foundation

The Ladybird Foundation is a local charity that grants last wishes to terminally ill or severely disabled children. A fundraising event was carried out in August with the Hospitaller Chev J Debono being one of the participants. Chev Debono was one of 24 people who undertook an extreme sporting challenge- in his case circumnavigating Malta in a Kayak; a feat that took 15 hours of paddling. 


Monastry of St Ursula ( Cloistered nuns)

On Blessed Gerrard’s commemoration day, a visit to a number of historical sites in Valletta, including the monastery where the Skull of our founder Blessed Gerard is kept, was organised. Funds made at the event were donated to the Monastery to help in its upkeep.


DarSacra Familja Institute

This institute for children benefitted from funds raised during a wine tasting event launching the Grand Priory’s wine El’Azar.


Malta Community Chest Fund

The Hospitaller participated in the national fund-raising campaign, the national charity organised under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Malta


Park of Friendship, run by the NGO INSPIRE

The Grand Priory of the Maltese Islands [through one of its members who is a professional Health Inspector] provided free consultancy service on Health & Safety and Food Safety & Hygiene to the NGO who provides services for people with disabilities. 

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