Commandery of the West
Chev. Chad Johnson, OLJ/Dame Diane Weissmuller, CLJ- Hospitallers
Dame Bea Hensleit – Grand Prioral Receiver
Chev. Steve Brock, KLJ- Hawaii / Pacific Territory Cadre Commander
TVR Father Marcos Gonzalez, SchLJ- Commandery of the West Commander

The Commandery of the West members prides themselves on being engaged with their communities. Governor Gavin Newsom declared a State of Emergency for California on March 4, 2020 with San Francisco and surrounding Bay area identified as one of the first areas in California to be heavily affected. On March 5, 2020 Shirley Tamoria, OLJ MD was providing medical services with the St. Anthony’s Foundation clinic in San Francisco. The clinic cares for the primarily homeless individuals residing in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. The foundation provides up to 2,000 meals daily, clothing, social services resources, and provided basic medical care in a clinic.

In the early days of the pandemic, the clinic was over-run with large number of patients. Dr. Tamoria identified that the clinic lacked critical pieces of equipment--- basic infrared
thermometers to take temperatures of potential COVID-19 patients. Patients identified with elevated temperatures early on could then be isolated and directed to designate COVID-19 treatment facilities for testing and treatment.

Dr. Shirley Tamoria OLJ and Diane Weissmuller CLJ alerted the Commandery of the West to the clinic’s urgent need for funds for supplies. The Foundation was quickly awarded $2,000 grant from the Commandery within the week to purchase the infra-red thermometers needed.
St. Lazarus was one of the first to respond to the COVID-19 emergency in San Francisco.

Dr. Tamora has since joined the medical staff at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center as a first line responder treating COVID-19 inpatients.


Commandery of the West / Hawaii Cadre Response Activities
The following is our report to date for Hawaii Cadre action during the COVID-19 pandemic from January 2020 to now.

Volunteering Sister Alicia Damien Lau OSF, AchLJ – Working full time at Kalaupapa Settlement, under quarantine with residents.

Shirley Tamoria OLJ – Currently COVID-19 tester full time at Zuckerburg SF General Hospital, reported above. Shirley was active from the start of this pandemic in caring for our most vulnerable populations including refugees from many countries, homeless adults and families and those with severe and persistent mental illness.

Father Lane Akiona SS.CC. AchLJ – Online Services, feeding homeless daily in Waikiki. Father Akiona has lost much of his regular hands-on assistance with the quarantine restrictions, and continues most diligently in this daily service to humanity without fail. We donated staple food as well as food that they can prepare easily with one or two people. From Father Lane “Aunty Carmen's Kitchen is one of several Outreach endeavors of St. Augustine Church in Waikiki, to serve a hot meal for the hungry. The ministry was started well over 50 years ago by Brother Benedict Zane, SS.CC. before homelessness became an issue in Waikiki. Today the ministry serves well over 1400 meals a month. With the recent shutdown of churches, the parish lost income to help continue the ministry. Several generous benefactors have risen to the cause and have donated foods items and financial resources to help the ministry continue. We are especially grateful to the parishioners and benefactors of St. Augustine, Altar Rosary Society; Knights of Columbus, Council 11743; Knights of Malta; and the Order of St. Lazarus-Hawaii for their generous stewardship. ”

Father William Alvarez-Tulua SS.CC. AchLJ – Online Services, COVID-19 Food bank Administrator, has distributed $7,000 in food to distressed families in the community, with
$5,000 remaining in the fund as of this date. Additionally, Father William has been a key go-to Clergy for the State and local community on the Island of Kauai as deathbed consultations, last rites, and funerals have increased, and the availability of clergy diminished 100% for a long period. Many facilities were and are stored to capacity with the earthly remains of those waiting for consecrated internment, and Father William’s work in these areas is expected to remain at peak allowable* level for the duration of the pandemic. *The Diocese of Honolulu, the State of Hawaii and the County of Kauai all restrict these activities for pandemic reasons, and depend heavily on those authorized for the relief.

Sister Alicia is our on-site coordinator for the settlement, and distributes our donations according to Board of Health requirements & the need. April 8 th , Sister Alicia gathered the specific needs of patients, workers, nurses, doctors and social workers on site, and relayed the information to the team on Oahu. At the time, supplies were in very low supply particularly sanitary wipes and facemasks. On April 17 th , we flew over the first shipment of 21 facemasks, 6 canisters of sanitary wipes, 4 umbrellas, 2.5 gallons of vinegar. We sent a second box of 50 more cloth facemasks on April 23 rd . May 1 st , we were able to collect and send over a dozen 1 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer, and a roll of 1⁄4” hardware cloth that was separately donated to a patient. On May 4 th , we sent another 50 cloth facemasks procured in Hawaii cloth masks donated to Kalaupapa to date as well as the miscellaneous supplies. The facemasks supplied will go toevery person in Kalaupapa. We have one more shipment of 50 cloth facemasks on order, and are standing by to gather and ship more supplies as needed.

Father Lane Akiona is managing several programs for his community and congregation. The one he asked for donations to feed these homeless in Waikiki who have been further
disadvantaged due to restriction of State and Federal community services. Father Lane uses the kitchen facilities and parking lot at St. Augustine to do this. In response to his request, we donated $388.27 in food, and $500 in cash.













Grand Commandery of the South
Chev. William Coe, KLJ- Hospitaller
Chev. Jim Jeter, KCLJ- Commander

Donation to “Resque”. This organization’s purpose is to feed first responders in the wake of natural disasters along the Gulf Coast, such as hurricanes and floods. They believe the Covid19 pandemic crisis meets their objectives. They are currently feeding the staff of West Jefferson General Hospital and plan to expand to other hospitals as funds permit. They have the equipment needed. All of the people involved in operating this program are volunteers. We provided a local commandery grant of $3,500 and a matching grant of $1,500 from the AASL for a total of $5,000 to purchase food supplies to feed the staff for at least a week.

Mexican Delegation
Chev. Guillermo Salas, KCLJ - Hospitaller
Chev. Teodoro Harrsch, KLJ - Commander

The Mexican delegation has been working hard to support the two leprosy clinics of Morelia and Irapuato and the associated convent of nuns who provide clinical services to patients. With the help of delegation members, a supply of medication used to treat Chronic Upper Respiratory Disease was delivered to the clinics in case it was needed to augment clinical care due to Covid-19 infections. Also, a large van of cleaning supplies was donated to the centers. Our Mexican Delegation Commanders spouse has been making and selling jewelry to support the purchase of food, cleaning supplies, cloth masks and other needed domestic consumable materials. To date, nearly $700 USD have been raised to purchase over 200 packages of materials for the leprosarium patients. Finally, the nuns in Morelia have been making masks for children and families in their communities to help slow the spread of the virus in the community.


Midwest Commandery
Dame Betty Paps, DLJ- Hospitaller
Chev. Ed Yaz, KCLJ- Commander

The Midwest Commandery provided the following grants to local charities helping during the Covid-19 Pandemic provide services to those negatively impacted by economic loss.
WOMEN’S CARE CENTER-$1000-provides counseling to pregnant women and offers education classes so that women become better parents and create more nurturing and self-sufficiency to families. The organization offers free pregnancy verification and free ultrasounds. Diapers, blankets, newborn Onesies, pull-ups, toiletries, diaper backpacks, nursing pads, toddler clothing, Baby laundry detergent, baby clothing of all sizes, etc. are provided at this time of self-isolation. (La Grange, IL)

TREE HOUSE-$1000- as the news of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) continues and Shelter in Place with loved ones, many of the children will be with their tormentors for days. The Tree House is committed to providing victims and survivors of sexual and physical abuse with services. The need for these services will be even greater even after our country weathers the storm (Elkhorn, WI)

WALWORTH COUNTY FOOD AND DIAPER BANK-$1000- with Covid 19, the county is in emergency mode serving more people than ever. All receive basic foods. Social workers and psychologists sent resources to talk to children to help them manage their anxiety around Coronavirus. (Walworth County, WI)

Southwest Commandery
Chev. Charles Riepe, CLJ- Hospitaller
Dame Joan Buschor, CLJ – Commander

Due to the large number of unemployed citizens because of the CV19 virus, we feel there is a strong need to make sure these people do not go hungry because of the lack of food on their table. They provided a $5000 donation to the Houston Food Bank. This donation will serve 15,000 meals. For every dollar donated, the Food Bank can provide 3 meals.
Additionally, members of the SW Commandery have been busy helping shop for and distribute food to elderly residents as well as providing prepared food to local hospitals and first responder stations. They also developed a project to make and distribute face covering masks.

Atlantic Commandery
Chev. Hung Nguyen, KLJ – Hospitaller / Michelle Kwong, CLJ- NY Cadre Hospitaller
Chev. Gregory Duncan-Peters, KCLJ – Commander

The Atlantic Commandery is in the process of making a donation to St. Patrick’s Cathedral Fund in NYC to support their Community Outreach Ministries Fund. Their donation will be as follows:
$1000 – To be donated for emergency supporting St. Patrick’s Cathedral’s operations
$1000 – To be donated to the community outreach ministries for homeless, vulnerable children and elderly people.

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