In line with our centuries-old mandate as Hospitallers, the Western Cape Commandery has allocated significant funding and had a direct hands-on involvement (insofar as legislation allows) to provide desperately-needed humanitarian aid in the form of protective masks and food parcels to people made vulnerable to the pandemic or its devastating backlash on already impoverished communities.

"I’m aware that many of our members are individually also doing what they can to alleviate these most urgent problems in whatever way possible," said Grand Bailiff in South Africa, Tamra Capstick-Dale. "The Western Cape Commandery however decided to dig deeply into its fund reserves to work with partner donors and a major wholly transparent distribution network to ensure that every cent is wisely used will get maximum benefit to those most in need in these troubled times."

The masks are being made and distributed in partnership with a company producing these from excellent quality cloth offcuts previously destined for landfill. For every mask bought by the Commandery, another is given to an exposed child or elderly person in one of Cape Town’s many disadvantaged communities.

The hundreds of food parcels going out are designed to feed a family of four for a month.

On a lighter note, some of the Western Cape Commandery of South Africa’s famous fund-raising tartan teddies are currently sporting very fetching St Lazarus facemasks in tribute to the Order’s charitable work.

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