The pandemic caused by Coronovirus has pulled the entire society into a very difficult situation, and those who are the most vulnerable shouldn’t be let down nor neglected during these hard times.

The Grand Priory of Spain has been making a huge effort to obtain and distribute all the help that it can provide and it finally seems to bear fruit.

The San Lázaro Foundation depending on the Grand Priory of Spain has arranged a donation of 9.000 blankets from the airline supply company: Kaelis Group of 9.000 blankets. The important endowment has been distributed in different lots that have been distributed as follows:

General Hospital of Valencia: 4.000 blankets
HM University Hospital in Torrelodones (Madrid): 2.000 blankets
Our Lady of the Americas Parish in Madrid: 650 blankets
Sisters of the Poor. Asylum in Ronda (Málaga): 200 blankets
Daughters of Charity, Virgen Milagrosa School of Málaga: 100 blankets
Sponsorship Parish of San José de Madrid: 50 blankets
Various parishes in Madrid distributed by Father Juan: 2.100 blankets

The Andalusian Commandery is also managing the purchase of medical supplies for the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella, for the Carlos Castilla del Pino De Córdoba Health Center and for the Health Delegation of Málaga, to be distributed to the emergency department in Málaga.


Quick COVID-19 detection tests

At the same time, the Hospital of Ávila made an urgent appeal to our Grand Master to which our Order immediately responded. The Saint Lazarus Hospitaller International Foundation purchased 20. 000  euros worth of detection tests.  This hospital in particular continues to raise funds in order to purchase medical supplies.

What is yet to come will test our level of empathy and generosity. All the help we can get will not be poor, and it will be needed more than ever.

If you wish to make a deposit directly into the account of the Fundación San Lázaro to be used for the Hospitaller work of the Order, this is the account number:

Fundación San Lázaro
CAIXESBBXXX ES50 2100 4024 6522 0008 3540


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