At the beginning of September, the Chancellery of the Grand Priory of Portugal received an request of 34 pairs of sneakers from Home for Children and Youth "Obra do Frei Gil".  Like all on applications, we try to respond positively and quickly, thanks to the strong collaboration of all the Knights and Dames of the Grand Priory of Portugal, who embrace the responsibility that attends them and is always available for those who need it the most.

So, on Friday 12th September at 11am, two representatives of the Grand Priory of Portugal went to the Obra do Frei Gil in Oporto with 34 pairs of sneakers  and 58 pieces of sportswear, with the respective name of each child on the boxes. The Obra do Frei Gil was founded in 1942 by the Dominican friar Frei Gil Nunes Alferes, which was delivered in testament to the Diocesan Ordinary of Coimbra and having as Protector Prelate the Bishop of Coimbra, assuming the host as a primary objective, education and social integration of children and youth at risk, trying to offer them  the conditions necessary for their overall development in order to achieve their progressive integration in society and family opportunities. At the end of delivery, you could see the smile on the children's faces and felt the profound gratitude of the institution, which was marked by the delivery of a medal commemorating the 30th anniversary of the death of Frei Gil to the Grand Priory of Portugal. 

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