Leprosy Surgery Centre of Bhubaneswa

Leprosy – one of the oldest know diseases. Every year around a quarter of million people are infected. Leprosy was brought under control during the last decades, but not eradicated yet. Although the illness can he healed, the supply of pharmaceuticals and medical help isn’t covered worldwide, especially not in less developed regions. Mainly in India leprous people suffer under some of the worst conditions and stereotypes about their disease. There is still deep-rooted discrimination against those affected by the disease, based on fear and prejudice.

Remy Rousselot is the medical executive of the “Gandhiji Seva Niketan” Leprosy Surgery Centre in Bhubaneswa in Odisha, the region with the highest danger of infection. Every year around 650 operations of leprous people are performed in his hospital – from all over the district. With the support of the Order of St. Lazarus the hygienic circumstances and the adequate supply with consumable materials for all expected operations can be ensured. As a former leprosy fraternity, it’s our purpose to support these people in Christian charity.


St. Louis Hospital Jerusalem

Also the second supported international project connects the help for disease with our own history. In the 12th century the St. Lazarus Fraternity operated a “domus leprosorum” outside the walls of Jerusalem. In 1851 the French consulate founded the St. Louis hospital and placed it at the disposal of the Roman Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem. Care of the sick became the task of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition. 50 beds for patients of all religions in the last period of their lives are available. Palliative care (hospice) and geriatric hospitalization (geriatric home and geriatric ward for specialized nursing care) are the main working issues addressed by the hospital. It is a Christian house integrated into the health system of Jerusalem. It follows the Jewish and Muslim food laws, so patients of all religious faiths can live there. Through their work, the employees try to bear witness to the inviolable dignity and worth of human life.

The order decided to give a one-off financial support for the renovation and refurbishment of the hospital’s kitchen. In cooperation with the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and the Archdiocese of Cologne, the important maintenance and renovation of the hospital can be realized. The Israeli Ministry of Health approved the renovating of the building to fulfil the new accommodation rules and increase the capacity up to 60 beds. The assistance requested from our Order will cover the complete renovation of the clinic’s kitchen, including the inventory which, after completion, will correspond to the European HACCP hygiene regulations (EN 14065).

You can find an report about the newest activties in the download section.


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