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Burns Dinners are staged worldwide in late January to early February and celebrate the life and works of Scotland’s iconic bard, Robert Burns.

This year’s signature social calendar dinner in Cape Town was attended by the Premier of the Western Cape, the Deputy British High Commissioner for South Africa, Members of Parliament, senior military officers, Scottish nobles, many public figures and a sizeable contingent of members and officers of the Order.

Customarily, the event encompasses a programme of traditional toasts, haggis and a superb dinner, against a backdrop of bagpipe music, whisky, Highland dancers and communal song, along with a measure of fund-raising for a worthy cause or two.

The Western Cape Commandery was offered the chance to join the wholly volunteer, non-profit organisers of the Dinner and act as the conduit for the proper collection and full disbursement of all funds raised. Members in turn found and offered donations of paintings by well-known contemporary artists, collectible literature, single malt whisky and the like.

“In essence, this year’s sponsored Dinner was a fun, noisy and memorable charity-raising focused cultural event,” said Grand Bailiff, Dame Tamra Capstick-Dale. “It allowed us the opportunity to showcase where last year’s funds have properly been spent, so creating a platform to get guests to open their pockets, purses and sporrans and dig really deep to help us raise way beyond the target set for this year.”

The increased funding will go almost entirely to purchase (in partnership with a national pharmacy retail chain) items desperately needed by these two children’s facilities and include – specifically - a long list of essential child healthcare items and food supplements.

“This helps to fulfill the Order’s Hospitaller mandate,” said Capstick-Dale.

The Dinner also provided welcome exposure for the Order and its work on a greater public platform.

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