• Humanitarian

    Fighting for the poor
  • Grand Master

    United under one strong tree
  • Patriarch

    Protected by a spiritual authority
  • Humanitarian

    Fighting for the poor
  • History

    Looking back on a long tradition
  • Ecumenical

    Bringing Christians together

Countess Eva Nyáry DGCL-J, Grand Prior of Hungary also donated  3 large oil paintings of St. Stephen 180x126 cm, Horthy marching into Budapest 160 x 110, and Abdurrahmán Abdi Arnaut the last Pasha of Buda 60x90 cm. oil painting, which were created by the painter Sandor Bodo.  
A few weeks previously, on 17 November 2016 the Hungarian Jurisdictionhad presented four other paintings by Sandor Bodo. The painter was born in Szamosszeg ,but most of his works were painted in America since 1956, when he was forced to flee. He first became famous in America through his art, but returned to Hungary before his death.

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