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I met Don Carlos for the first time in 2007 when I was a member of the election committee looking for a new Grand Master of our Order. In 2008, Don Carlos was installed as Grand Master in Manchester. His first year as Grand Master was difficult because his character was not compatible with the characters of some Grand Officers of our Order. We managed to overcome the problems and I worked with him for almost 10 years. During the years we became good friends.

Carlos was very interested in the hospitaller work of our Order and in the spiritual issues of a Christian Order. Therefore, he insisted to have pilgrimages every 2 years. He was also a manager and a businessman. He wanted our Order to be a respected Non-Governmental Organization, recognized by the United Nations and the European Union. The first step was creating a legal entity for the Order, the Foundation in Madrid. His work is not finished yet. Let us continue in his spirit.

He was also a family man. He told me a couple of times: “Ron, I don’t want to go to that investiture on Saturday, because I want to be home with my wife.

The last 2 years Carlos had a very difficult time. He got a terrible disease. However Carlos was a fighter and worked very hard hoping to overcome his disease. For me, working in healthcare for almost 30 years, I knew however, this was a battle he could not win.

My thoughts are with Blanca, his wife, with his family and with his friends. She lost her husband and we lost a great man and a great Grand Master.

May he rest in peace.

Hasta luego my friend.

Drs Ronald Hendriks, GCLJ-J
Grand Commander of the Order

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