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Don Carlos was elected 49th Grand Master of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem at a Chapter General in Manchester, England in September 2008.  He was a man of deep personal Christian faith, who had several audiences with Pope Francis. 

He loved the Order dearly and was very involved in its day-to-day governance.  He aimed to make it a serious hospitaller organization building on its long heritage in this area and continually stressed the importance of the Order’s charitable work.  His business background helped him to streamline the executive management of the Order with the creation of the Governance Working Committee and establishment of the Chancery Office in Madrid.  He also took a close interest in heraldry and fostered the Order’s heraldic and historical research activities.

Don Carlos travelled to many jurisdictions for investitures and special functions.  He knew a great number of members personally and always made time to meet and visit as many as possible.  He was deeply committed to pilgrimages and emphasized their importance for the spiritual life of the Order.  Under his leadership, four international Order pilgrimages were successfully conducted in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (2010), Kevelaer, Germany (2012), Walsingham, UK (2014) and Monreale, Sicily (2017).

Outside the Order, Don Carlos had a great love of classic cars, especially old Bentleys and Rolls Royces which he drove regularly throughout Spain and Portugal, particularly on holiday in the countryside.  In addition, he liked to visit old churches and historic ruins.  He also enjoyed astronomy and classical music, organizing concerts in his home which featured talented young Spanish pianists and chamber music.

Don Carlos is survived by his wife, his mother, a brother and numerous nieces and nephews.  A second brother predeceased him.  He was interred in the family pantheon in Valladolid, Spain on Thursday, 31st August 2017.  A memorial service will be held in Madrid, Spain for all members and friends of the Order, probably in October 2017.

Details for making a memorial gift in lieu of flowers to follow. 

Atavis et armis.

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