• Humanitarian

    Fighting for the poor
  • Humanitarian

    Fighting for the poor
  • History

    Looking back on a long tradition
  • Ecumenical

    Bringing Christians together

The music ensemble “Further Beyond” played a fascinating tour d’horizon over 1000 years of world music with electronica, pipe organ, e-guitar, percussion and medieval instruments like bag pipes and flutes.

Following the moving ceremony an apéro riche took place in the nearby refectory of the church, where participants had a good time talking cordially.

The following dinner took place in the Kameha Grand in Zurich, where Don Luca warmly welcomed the guests and raised the glass to the health of the Grandmaster, H.E. Don Francisco de Borbón Count of Hardenberg, wishing that every one of the attendees will find his very personal Grail on the difficult but rewarding way to self-awareness.

The exquisite banquet was supplemented by the dinner-speech of Don Sergio who addressed all members stressing the following thoughts:

We are not Dame or Chevalier by birthright, nobility, class, profession, academic title or acquired merits, but because we answered the call of duty to act ethically in our everyday life.

Because humanity as respect for the human dignity is not given by nature nor is hereditary, but is a cultural achievement. This means, that humanity must worked out again and again and must be culturally anchored.

The members of the Grand Bailiwick of Switzerland actively sustain the ideals of Christian chivalry by continuously seeking to attain this spiritual and ethical perfection.

By their personal example in their everyday life they try to exemplify this refinement in order to bring forward the good in the world.

This exemplified humanity can also be underscored with charity, but not only; because justice has always to precede charity.

The atmospheric and remarkable event ended appropriately having sweets, coffee and animated conversations in pleasant company.

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