• Humanitarian

    Fighting for the poor
  • Humanitarian

    Fighting for the poor
  • History

    Looking back on a long tradition
  • Ecumenical

    Bringing Christians together

This activity took place under the direction and safety responsibilities of the Grand Prior of Italy H.E. KCLJ Gen. CC Basilio Dr Viola supported by the Chancellor OLJ Capt. CC Osvaldo Dr Gamba together with Dames and Knights of the Grand Priory of Italy headquartered in Milan.

For all of us it was a great honor to receive this assignment for the umpteenth year to perform an onerous and delicate but rewarding duty.

Furthermore, as in past years we took part in the  religious events: Feast of the Family and Unity of Christians, beginning on January 19th in the Basilica S.E. of the Metropolitan City, and continuing at the Don Gnocchi Hospital, located very close to Varese, moving to other provinces such as Padova, Catanzaro, Lodi etc..

Last but not least the actvities of the week ended on January 26th, in Lombardy, where after the Holy Mass a parish agape and a bingo (tombola) raised funds for charitable actions for the needy.

 As always the members of the Grand Priory of Italy invoke the guidance and blessing of our beloved Saint Lazarus to support us in the works of charity towards addressed to the  poorest.

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