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  • Humanitarian

    Fighting for the poor
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Pastor at the Vigil, Anthony Lister CLJ said, “This is in its purest sense of new birth as you take your vows and enter into full membership of the Order, …..an acknowledgement of new responsibilities and an acceptance of birth into a new way of expressing your Christian calling.”

The sermon went on to discuss the various acts of charity in all its guises that are expected of us – to aid and succour the ‘lepers’ of society and our support of each other in the work of the Order.

The sermon closed with the words.., “Surrounded by prayers, our own and those of others, and protected by the ‘whole armour of God’, we cannot but succeed in the mission to which we have been called -our service in the army of the Lord in the Order of St Lazarus; we cannot help but grow in our relationships with each other and with Christ.”

At such Vigils, the Grand Bailiwick of South Africa has made it a habit that all existing members of all ranks, stand and as a group and renew their vows to according the principles of our Order; to serve with Faith, Hope, Love, Charity, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance; the eight points of our green cross.

This was a theme carried through the next day’s Investiture Service, with a sermon given by Chaplain, the Ven Terry Lester ChLJ around a First Lesson reading Job 31: 16-22 and a Second Lesson reading, Matthew 6: 1-8

In a truly moving Service, the Grand Bailiff, H.E. Dame T.J. Capstick-Dale, GCLJ, inducted a new Associate of the Order, six Associates were invested as full members, a Member of the Order was promoted to the rank of Officer, three Bronze Medals of Merit and two Silver Medals of Merit were awarded and the Chevalier William de Villiers was promoted to Knight Commander.

A formal dinner was held after the service.

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